Tuesday, April 8, 2008

E is for Epiphany

While making a mind list of the "e" words I know, I realized there are several I've heard but actually have no idea what they mean. Take "exegesis" for "e"xample. I really have no clue as to why that word is even taking up the space in my brain that could obviously used to remember where I put my keys.

Dad actually used "epithet" in a sentence yesterday and I thought he was talking about his "epitaph" which made no sense to me at all.

One of my all time "e" words has got to be "epiphany." I don't know when I first learned this word but it feels like it's been with me all my life. Weird I know. But the real reason I love it so much is because of the time many years ago (where does the time go?) Wendy was telling me she'd had an "ep-i-fanny!" I swear I can't say that word without smiling. Now I'm not making fun of my daughter who happens to have a Bachelor's degree in English so if it came to a word contest, I'd surely lose. Don't you agree, though, that it's much more fun to say epifanny than epiphany? Why have words if we can't have fun with them?

I heard some news yesterday that sort of falls in line with my alphabet journaling. My "ex"-husband got married last Friday. I have known for a long time it would happen, just not when. I have a feeling even the bride and groom were waiting for the right moment to come along. Seems like a Friday afternoon was as good a time as any for a little trip down to the courthouse. Woohoo!

In the years since we've been divorced, the man I married when I was a mere 18, has become a great friend. Perhaps that was what was missing in our marriage - friendship. Of course, all relationships are a two-way street, but I take a lot of the responsibility for the demise of our marriage. I was young, naive, often depressed, needy, and, some might say a tad on the "e"ristic side. It didn't help that Jim's job kept him gone for long periods of time. It's often hard to feel married, or know how to be part of a couple when one is alone so much of the time. At the time we separated we both played the blame game. Now I think the failure to make things work was inevitable. I'm sad about that. I'm sorry for that.

Still I'm glad he has found someone to spend the rest of his life with. Part of me feels like I should shed a tear or two, but all I can really do is smile. That's what friends do when they hear good news, right? Jim and I will always share children, good friends, and a history of nightmarish vacations. We will have memories in common of Fiats and Volkswagens, rum and cokes, driving "e"xibitions, a faithful but stinky dog, a runaway cat, a bird named Fred, setting an alarm clock on Christmas morning, a Barcelona meal of fried (five?) chicken, and moving vans carrying all our earthly possessions to unknown places we'd soon call home. I'm glad he's got someone to make new memories with.

Some more "E" words:
Easter egg (tree)
Englebert Humperdink
eenie meanie miney mo

I like this quote from Winnie the Pooh's friend "E"eyore. It sounds like very sound advice!
"When trying to rescue friends from a tree, make sure the plan doesn't involve having everybody stand on your back."
Merry ME

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Anonymous said...

I think this entry perfectly exemplifies why I feel like a -very- lucky daughter. I thank heaven you and Dad became/are friends. What a misery it would have been had you two been angry turds towards one another, like the people I see on Dr. Phil from time to time. Three cheers for friendly "e"xes. Here here.


epi-fanny, epi-fanny, epi-fanny!