Friday, April 18, 2008

N is for Nothing to Post

Today has been one of those days. "N"othing bad has happened, which in itself is a good thing. I just kind of feel at odds with the world. Like everyone else is driving on the right side of the road and I'm on the left. I'm not mad and I'm not sad. Just kind of blah.

I haven't really been able to come up with anything fun to write about so I was going to leave it at nothing. Then, as often happens, I looked out the window over the sink. The birds have returned from wherever they've been, chomping away at the seeds in the feeder. And the blue jays have rediscovered the bird bath. Truth be told, they've probably been waiting for the bathwater to be cleaned and warmed! Well, I did the cleaning yesterday and the sun did the warming today.

Is there anything more fun to watch than a bird taking a bath. Like people I've discovered birds have their own personal bathing rituals. The jays jump in, flap their wings, spraying water all around and jump out. Then they fly around the yard, tell their friends about how the water feels and repeat the whole thing. I guess until they feel clean.
The mockingbird, on the other hand, sits on the fence, waiting in the queue, squawking at the jay to get on with it. Once the bath is free the mockingbird makes his move. He jumps in cannonball-style and simply rejoices in the water.

Cardinals are more private, checking that the coast is clear before barely dipping in his toes.

Doves seem to be clueless. They'll take a drink or two, but the thought of actually getting wet all over is beyond their reach!

Got to run get ready for dinner. Fish in a bag - yum????

Some "n" words worth printing:
Never-never Land
N-E-S-T-L-E-S :)
Nano Nano

"N"o place to park????

"N"ot much more than that,
Merry ME


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