Friday, April 4, 2008

To post or not to post ... that is the question

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
there's still time to change the road you're on."
Led Zeppelin

National Blog Posting Month, (NaBloPoMo) the self-proclaimed "epicenter of daily blogging," has come up with a new strategy to keep bloggers blogging every day. This would indicate that I am not the only person who thinks having a computer journal is kind of a neat thing, but is too undisciplined to actually post on a regular basis. I thought blogging was going to be the beginning of my "journal"istic career. Alas, having a career also means having determination, persistence and willingness to work.

I struggled through NaBloPoMo's challenge last November and when the month was over I was both proud of my ability to follow through on my self-imposed commitment, and worried that my vision of life as a writer was a little skewed. I come to understand that serious writers must set aside a time every day to write. Just as serious prayers, set aside time to pray or artists find time to put paint on canvas, there indubitably came a time when even Ernest Hemingway decided he had to put down his bottle of booze, quit gazing out at the Key West sunsets, put the paper in the typewriter and get to writing. Obviously I don't have this "set aside some time" DNA in my genetic makeup.

In an effort to keep daily bloggers blogging every day of the year, not just in November, NaBloPoMo has instituted a theme for each month to give idea-challenged members like me a little boost. "The theme for April is LETTERS ... Love letters, typography, photos of interesting signs -- quite a few possibilities this month!"

Letters .... now this is right up my alley. As I've mentioned in previous posts I have a perfectly delightful affinity for ABC books. I also love writing, sending and receiving real letters. I once proclaimed myself president for life of the now defunct Down With EMail (DWEM) society. [Defunct because the president for life turned into one of those people who can't get too far away from her computer for fear she might miss a cyberspace conversation. I DO NOT, however, know how to text message on my phone, and refuse to learn. I know a addiction waiting to happen when I see one.] I love fancy, embossed stationery. I don't care much for the fact that stamps cost forty-one cents a piece, but I get a distinct pleasure from artistically designed little squares of stickum. And what about a monogrammed wax seal or Scooby Doo sticker? Ooh lala! These are the things that make the good old days of pen and ink communication worth continuing.

Letters ... surely this is a subject I can use to keep up with my blog posting. At times when I had nothing else to do, or had things to do but got sidetracked, I ran through my mind all the things I could write about letters. Then the calendar page changed from March to April. I was late before I even got started. Not an auspicious beginning!

Just when I'd decided to give up the idea of posting every day about letters, and just keep on writing when the muse strikes about whatever the muse suggests, Wendy pointed out that there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, so even though I am getting a late start, I could, if I begin today, still post something every day about each letter. What do you think, should I try it? Is the challenge back on?

"Okay, here goes," she said as she threw caution to the wind and jumped into the wide open space between why and not.

A is for Action ... a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here are some of my favorite "A" words:

aardvaark ( I know there is only one set of double a's in this word, but just like saying "aard-vaark" is kind of fun, once you start with the aa thing, it's kind of fun to keep going! Did you realize there is also such a thing as an aardwolf? AAparently it resembles a hyenaa!)






My favorite "A" person would have to be: Ashley Megan

One down, 25 to go, wish me luck. And feel free to add your favorite words to the list(s),

Merry ME

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