Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Q would have to be for feeling a little "queasy."

I believe I've mentioned before that when a person I love is being treated for a medical emergency where blood is a very real consequence, I sometimes get a little light headed. The lights get shimmery, the temperature in the room goes up by ten degrees, and the sterile curtained cubicle begins to slowly spin.

I don't know for sure, because I am usually asked to leave the room as the color begins to leave my face, but I suspect the way to prevent this from happening is either to put my head between my knees and count to 100 as I concentrate of breathing in and out, or, worst case scenario, actually concentrate on the procedure being done - stand outside myself and think of it as a science experiment. This is not easily done when the experiment is being performed on my dad's willy.

I chose instead, as I rubbed a sore spot onto his thin-skinned forearm, to focus all my attention on the screamer in the other room!

There's still more ....

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