Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Random Thoughts

"Life can be seen through your eyes
but it is not fully appreciated
until it is seen through your heart. "
Mary Xavier

As you know I follow several different blogs. It's like a habit - once you get hooked, it's hard to break it! But there are so many cool people out there writing and posting pictures and sharing ideas. The blogosphere has become my little corner of the world. Sweetie commented recently that we had kind of stopped talking to one another and I had to ask myself if I'm turning away from the spoken word with people I know, or am turning to the Internet for relationships and the written word. When I told my love, "if you want to know what I'm feeling read my blog," I realized I might have crossed over a line. I'm going to have to watch myself.


This morning something happened that really, really pissed me off. That dear sweet man who I wrote so lovingly about yesterday set my blood to boiling. It wasn't intentional, I know that. But it threw me into a snit that could only be cured by crawling back into bed, clenching my fists and counting to a million. Eventually I loosened my hands. I had an immediate vision of the "alien invasion" Molly wrote about in her blog last month. She took pictures of funny looking, indeed a bit alien-looking, buds as they gradually grew into something called a Cinnamon Fern.

The comparison, I'm trying to make here may be pretty far fetched. As I released my hands stiff from lack of blood - from squeezing so hard - I knew my anger was going to evaporate also. I realized I spend a lot of my life either holding my breath waiting for something bad to happen, or clenched in anger which in essence is fear. I've got to remember the alien ferns. That as they let themselves unfurl from the tight bud, they become green leaves that move with the wind. They are tolerant. They bend. Good lesson from the blog world don't you think?


There's another blog I found when jumping from one of my favorites to one of their favorites kind of like blog hopscotch. It is called The Soaring Impulse, written by a young Australian doctor who travels to Africa to treat what most would consider the un-treatable. His posts never fail to move me, either by his words or his photos. This morning he wrote about taking a small group of kids from the hospital out into the world to see the animals their country is known for - to not mention ice cream. One of the little ones hopes to see a giraffe.

[An aside: I embarrass myself when I admit I assume that little kids who live in Africa have seen all the animals we go to the zoo to get a good look at. That's a little like assuming everyone in America lives in the promised land. ]

Anyway, as you will read if you go to The Soaring Impulse for April 14, the chances of seeing a giraffe are pretty slim. I wasn't on the trip but as I looked at the pictures I found myself feeling as excited as those beautiful children. The ending is something that can only be described as God Winking. It's a bit like watching that U-Tube video of the English lady singing the Dream song from Les Miserables. I just want to start clapping!


Which leads me to one last Random Thought. Sweetie was regaling me with the first few pages of his birthday book. As it turns out, the title is When God WINKS - not blinks as previously stated.
When I went to the bookstore, a veritable candy store to this bibliophile, I also treated myself to a new book - Anam Cara by John O'Donohue. It was an unneeded purchase to say the least, as I already have a precariously tilted stack of books next to my bed, but I was curious because of another blogger's post. Let's face it when it comes to books and chocolate I have no willpower.

I must go talk to the humans and the dog. It's looking Springy outside so I may even opt to talk to the birds and plants.

Merry ME


Anonymous said...

i found you thru "honor yourself," terri st cloud's blog. i know ur mine kind of person---chocolate and books---oh, yeah! people have told me that i live, not in a house, but a bookmobile.
enjoyed reading this & wanted u to know.
i don't blog.

Fire Byrd said...

I think blogging is fab, but if I had to choice a conversation with a real person is it.... which explains why I've actually got to be real face to face friends with 9 bloggers!!