Sunday, April 5, 2009

Savenger Hunt - A Cute Bottom

Sweetie and I went to a new Art fair/farmer's market on Sunday. There were way to many people for this clautrophobe. But it was a beautiful day and nice to get out by ourselves. I say this photo opportunity and decided to take it. I think the bottom that belongs to the guy in blue jeans was engrossed in conversation and thus did not realize a strange woman was taking a picture of his bottom. Actually I was not zeroing in on his bottom at all. It was all about the black labber.

I have to say I don't really understand the new phenomenon of taking your dog to crowded art shows. Do dogs enjoy art? Do they enjoy being dragged along on a pink sequined studded leash, in and out and around all the people, where there are few good places to smell or pee? Actually I don't get the whole doggy day care, take your dog to work day or treat your dog like a person thing. Maybe I've been reading too many Bedlam Farm posts. Katz loves his dogs but keeps them in their canine place.

Speaking of dogs, I think we might be getting a new dog. Not new, but new to us. My sister who is not what you'd call a dog-person, has fallen for her son's dog who is the sad result of a divorce. Instead of staying a crate all day, she thinks, and I have to agree, he'd (the dog, not the husband) would be happier with us! I've never been very good at saying no. And I'm still carrying around a whole satchel full of guilt that weighs heavy on my shoulders from when I got divorced and had to give two delightful puppies to an animal adoption agency. How might all of our lives have been different if I'd made different choices.

Whoa. I'm not going there.

If the dog want to come stay with us and will behave himself with the 3 animals who already live here, well then come on down! The more the merrier.

Is that hysterical laughter I hear?
Merry ME

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Molly said...

Ha! I see I'm not the only one who likes little wagging tail-ends!