Monday, August 31, 2009

New Look

"Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process."
Anne Wilson Schaef

Apparently getting this blog to look the way I want it to is also a process.

I'm not even sure why I've been messing with the templates. But it's kind of like starting a new computer game (Jig saw puzzles, Spot the difference, Find the hidden object, etc). Once I get started it's hard to stop. I sit down after dinner, turn the computer on and start playing with the look of this blog instead of writing deep meaningful posts. What's that all about?

Oh well, I'm pretty sure that mixed in with all the fluff up there in my brain there are some deep meaningful thoughts left. I just haven't been in touch with them lately.

Till then I'm wishing for you a day of sunny skies and this sage advice: Don't follow anyone else's template for your life. Make your own.

Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

The header is lovely whether it's the finished article, or work in progress. It is fun playing with how we present our blogs, I'm all for change as often as the mood takes me.

Molly said...

love the header photo! isn't playing around fun?