Monday, August 31, 2009

New Look ... Part II

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ”
Margaret Mead

Along with the design changes I've made on my blog, I've also added a button. Or maybe it's a gadget. I'm not quite sure of the difference or how exactly to get a button from one blog to another. I've kind of mastered gadget editing so that is how I added the We Can logo to my sidebar.

If you don't ever wander around to the places I suggest that's okay. What I like might not be your cup of tea. But I ask you gently, no.... with a bit of a nudge .... no, with a fervent plea ... to check out Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke's new web site for Possible Dreams International.

I originally found The Soaring Impulse by blog jumping. Once there, when I read of the work this man and his small band of volunteers is doing in Swaziland I want to weep with joy and desire to help too. Seriously Maithri is a doctor, poet, fund raiser, jokester, singer and so much more. You've got to wonder why God gave so many talents to one man. Well, I think it has to be because he knew how big his job was going to be. Though I pray that someday I will make his acquaintance I do not know this gentleman doctor. All I know is what I read and see on his blog.
Please go there and see for yourself what a band of angels looks like.

As for Possible Dreams International, check that site out to. But be prepared for your heart to leap in your chest. I'm pretty sure if you are anything like me your hand will reach for your checkbook at the same time. However, I've got to say I don't really see how my small contribution of a few dollars will help. Bur if everyone thought that way PDI would never get anywhere. This is a sure case of the wisdom of Mother Theresa when she said, “If you cannot feed one hundred people. Feed one.”

In a world that has seemingly gone mad it's hard for all of us to know where to put our hard earned dollars. There are people all over this world who need food, clothes, clean drinking water, health care and medicine, education, and a bomb-free zone in which to live. The needs are so great as to be overwhelming. Still, I suggest if you look around you and reach out your hand in understanding to your neighbor it will be a start. I have no doubt that PDI is a worthy cause. Yet I also believe that there is a cause right there in your own home town that could use your attention. Like Dr. Maithri you might be the angel that someone touches someone's life.

I can. You can. We can.

Please click on either the Soaring Impulse blog or the We Can button. If I did it right you should be able to go right to those places and see for yourself what I'm talking/writing about.

May God bless Maithri, the lives of the people he serves, and you.

Merry ME


Maithri said...

I am so deeply moved by your compassion my friend, so humbled by your kindness to me and most of all the gracious, deeply deeply deserving people of Swaziland who struggle each day to remove themselves from the myre of hopelessness and despair into which they were born...

I believe with all my heart that human beings are each others angels...that we can minister love to each other in ways unseen and unimaginable...

I have seen with my own two eyes the wild love that the smallest gift can bring to the lives of one who is at the edge. Who believes that the world has forgotten them.

You are the light my friend, A messenger of love, An angel of hope.

Thank you for being part of our dream,

My love to you, Maithri

Sorrow said...

small things great love..
You are most definitely a messenger of Love!!!