Friday, August 14, 2009

And then there were FIVE

"You don't choose your family.
They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."
Desmond Tutu

Big changes occurred yesterday in the Wichansky family. In an instant Elliot and his sister Alice appeared in the world and nothing will ever be the same. Friends and family have been standing by waiting for all these months. The time for excited hand-wringing is now over. Now those of us who love this family need to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. There will be lots to do: feed, hold, and rock the new babies, entertain Big Sister Ivy Jane, cook dinners, wash clothes, and finish building the basement, i.e. the nursery! It's hard for me to imagine how one mother and one father can possibly do everything that needs to be done in the coming days. But this is a "can-do" couple. They've stared hardship in the face and still managed to smile. They are surrounded by people who love them and are willing to help. And people like me who live too far away to be hands on can send happy thoughts and prayers.

When Big Sis Ivy Jane was born last year I published a post that I think is worthy of repeating. [Sometimes I surprise myself when I go back and read something I've written and find I think it's really good.] Here's what I said then and, except for changing the names, I believe still fits:

To their parents, extended family and friends, Elliot and Alice are unique. No one just like them will ever be born again. That is miracle enough.

Yet, like all newborns, the twins came into the world bearing a single message. Every child that is born knows the secret of life. The problem is by the time we're grown most of us have forgotten it. Sadly we stay too busy, we focus our attention on other things, and consider "secrets" to be the purview of children.

In those last few nano-seconds before Elliot and Alice took thier first breath, however, the Creator of all things good, whispered in her ear.

"Love, my precious little one, love," the Great One said, "that's all you need to know."

And so it is. For when all else fails:
Love is the key that will unlock the mystery.
Love is the salve that will heal all wounds.
Love is the gift that surpasses gold or jewels.
Love is the power that can harness any storm.
Love is the first tulip that blooms in the spring.
Love is the rainbow after a shower.
Love is smile on stranger's face and the spots on an old man's hands.
Love is the wind that whistles through the trees.
Love is the tide that never stops to ask why.
Love is galloping across the open plain on a spotted horse.
Love is the wild Montana sky.
Love is sleeping in your daddy's arms.
Love is the pride in your mother's eyes when you win your first spelling bee.
Love is the dread that fills your parents' hearts when they hand you the car keys for the first time.
Love is the sand and the sea and dolphins dancing in the waves.
Love is what the meadowlark sings.
Love is what comes wrapped up in Christmas paper.
Love is the purr of a kitten or a slobbery wet dog kiss.
Love is saying hello after a long day at work;or saying goodbye after a life well lived.
Love is cheering for your favorite football team even when they aren't so good.
Love is saying thank you.
Love is being patient when learning how to tie you shoes.
Love is that rush of excitement at the top of a roller coaster.
Love is reading a good book, taking a bubble bath, or walking in the rain.
Love is holding someone's hand when there are no words to say.
Love is talking to your mom on the phone.
Love is eating an Oreo cookie.

Love is a new pair of shoes and fancy French socks.
Love is a hot cup of tea or a glass full of ice cold lemonade.
Love is climbing a mountain or standing on level ground.
Love is warm, flannel pajamas or a soft, cuddly onesie.
Love is playing hopscotch on a summer afternoon.
Love is catching fireflies later that same evening.
Love is roasting marshmellows and making s'mores.
Love is salmon swimming upstream, penguins standing on a block of ice, and being brave in the face of a getting vaccination.
Love is glint of sunshine on an icicle covered tree.
Love is swinging on a tire swing.
Love is homemade apple pie or gingerbread men.
Love is getting a letter from an old friend.
Love is getting help lugging your groceries to the car.
Love is a big red balloon.
Yes, indeed, love is all this and more ......

Each of us has been given this gift by the Creator. But, like I said before, as grown ups we sometimes forget to remember love is reason we're here. On August 13, 2009 Elliot and Alice became our reminders; messengers of sorts. It's a big job for two little ones, but what else does a baby have to do? Even though they are too small to speak the word, their eyes will reflect love. Their hands will reach for love. Their lips will cry for love. And their ears will listen for love. Our job is to take good notes and [re]learn the message, for it is ageless and endless.

Welcome to the world little ones.
Thank you for the precious reminder of the glory of love.
Be well.
Be happy.
Be at peace.
May you always and forever know love and show love.
I can't wait to see you in person. Til then I send you, and your big sister and your mom and dad a great big hug.

Merry ME aka Grammy Mary

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Fire Byrd said...

With a Grammy like you Mary those three little ones won't go far wrong.
Lovely lovely post.