Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"Painting is self-discovery.
Every good artist paints what he is."*
Jackson Pollack

My Sweetie pointed out last night that since I took the time to write about procrastination, I should also take the time to mention that once I stopped procrastinating and got in the groove, I am now one coat of paint away from being finished - as in put the paint away and start moving the furniture back in place. Woohoo!!!!

I look at my fingers as I type and marvel at my ability to get almost as much paint on me as the walls. I look like a painter guy dressed in white clothes spattered with different colored paint. Only thing is, it's not my clothes but my skin that is dotted with Kilz. I shouldn't have to worry about getting mildewed for quite awhile!

Today I am grateful for the proverbial light at the end of the painted tunnel.

I'm grateful for walls to paint and for the noticeable improvement in my painting skills. I may have paint on me but there was only one drip on the new carpet.

I'm also really really grateful for the pool boy who has made the pool in the backyard so inviting, and for the Divine Thermometer in the Sky who heated up the air which heated up the pool water to a yummalicious temperature.

Wishing for you the satisfaction coming around the corner and seeing the finish line right in front of you.

Merry ME
* Hmmm, I say to myself. Does this mean I'm a wall?


Fire Byrd said...

Oh,a swimming pool, oh, sigh~
and another sigh~ oh~ uuummm~ sigh~
Swop you some rain for a dip in a pool

Anonymous said...

Yes, you go girl! I bet it is beautiful. Send pictures! ld