Monday, June 13, 2011

SARK Wisdom

This quote came across my email today. It hit home for me. Thought I'd share"

"Grieving is not something to ‘get over’ as much as it is to get into. If we rush grief, it just piles up in some distant place and waits to reapproach. If we dwell too long in grief, we color everything with it and can be consumed by it. If we try to skip over grief, we find it impossible. If we try to minimize our grieving, the unacknowledged parts reassemble and reappear later when we thought it was all finished. If we hate our grief, it will maneuver for our love ... If we allow our grieving, and pracitice sitting still or lying down and welcoming it in the slightest way, it can shift, change and transform.”


Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change Into Gift and Opportunity

Today I'm grateful for rain. And I'm grateful the storm that brought the rain and fire causing lightening, and roof ripping winds did not come into my neighborhood.

I'm also grateful for being on room closer to being finished with the re-painting of "this old house".

I'm grateful for a conversation I had with a man in an air conditioning store that reminded me that caring for my parents was a blessing, for me as well as for them. It's easy to forget.

I'm grateful for new friends who already feel like old friends.

I'm grateful for a letter from France that helps me to know what it feels like to have a dream and to MAKE that dream come true.

Wishing for you moments of "glad no matter what"

Merry ME

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