Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still Grateful

I've been mostly in bed for the past two days. The hacking cough is mostly gone but the tightness in my chest is still there. I'm easily winded and lack even the little bit of energy I'm used to. So I haven't been thinking grateful thoughts or smiling about much. Just trying to sleep the bug out of me.

I'm grateful to have a bed to sleep in, with comfy sheets and a pillow that has been with me for years.

Having watched about as many house buying shows on HGTV and whodunit 48 Hour Mysteries as a person can stand I was grateful to come upon the Sandra Bullock movie, The Proposal, tonight. I love Sandra Bullock. I loved the movie and I laughed loud and hard even when it caused me to have a coughing fit. I'm grateful the movie had a happy ending, because frankly I like it when love wins out and the boy and girl see the light!

But when it comes to the stuff real gratitude is all about, check out my friend Amy's blog. She has a way of writing that always tells it like it is and always leaves me smiling.

Wishing for you a week ahead full of sunny days and blue skies and little surprises along the way that make bow your head and say "thank you."

Merry ME

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Anonymous said...

Great minds must be thinking alike - my blog is on gratitude too this week!