Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Night Date Night

Sweetie and I did something a little different tonight.
We went on a date.
We went to hear this guy (Goliath Flores).

Well that's what we thought we were doing. As it turned out we went to a bustling restaurant, had to wait for a table, and the drum beat was so loud we couldn't hear the singer. Since we'd already eaten dinner we settled on a slice of quadruple layer lemon cheesecake and some kind of chocolaty cappuccino thing. Both were tasty but way too sweet. When mixed with the drumming, dessert made for the beginnings of a headache.

Sweetie also had the thump thump of little feet on the other side of his booth. After a few minutes an unhappy little boy, say around 4, was led by his unhappy father to an empty chair and left there (within sight) to think about his behavior. From my vantage point I could see as the little one immediately assessed his situation. He stared at his dad with sad eyes and lips turned down, looking, if not exactly feeling, remorseful. The coup de gras, though, was getting down from the naughty chair and coming over to kiss his Dad's hand. All was forgiven - no more thumping! Since the singer was well out of our sight, this interchange was worth the price of admission, had their been one.

It was wonderful spending time with my Sweetie. I have to wonder, however, are we too old for dating?

Tonight I'm grateful for a quiet place to come home to, surprises that come in the mail and watching some of the sadness lift from the other members of my grief group.

And I've got to say a guitar playing, spanish singing trumpet-less trumpeter just automatically puts a smile on my face.

Wishing for you time spent eating dessert,
Merry ME

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