Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 89 - And the old shall be come new again ...

As I stood at the kitchen sink, I saw a teenage cardinal sitting on a branch right in front of me.  I noticed  his soft breast feathers still kind of greenish/brown. But his tale taking on the red hue of his adult persona.

I also noticed a squirrel jumping from the pool pump to the bird feeder, hanging upside down, stealing a bite to eat then going back to the pump.

I noticed a vulture of some kind standing on the sidewalk of a busy street, waiting for the cars to go by so he could eat breakfast.

I noticed how full and beautiful the church was today. Bells, tamborines, drums and rattles certainly made a joyful noise on this Holy day.

And I just noticed another plump yellow and black caterpillar crawling up the wall, searching, I believe, for a place to attach so he can go to sleep for awhile. Although I doubt sleep is really part of the amazing transformation. Seems like a hard of hard work goes on in the process of changing. I hadn't noticed before these critters appear to have antennai on both ends. When they want to go forward, the back end moves, then, like a Slinky, the body undulates forward until the caterpillar has moved.

I think change is coming. Not sure what kind of change, but I feel it all around me. In the life cycle of the butterflies, in the joyful noise, in the beauty of the Resurrection, and the unsettled feeling in my stomach - my desire to curl up, cover up and be quiet like the caterpillar.

May the blessings of new life be a reminder that light does follow the dark.
Merry ME

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