Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Spark

Sweetie and I drove downtown yesterday to hear some teenagers who have aged out of "the system". Kids who, at 20, have turned their lives around. Imagine, instead of just setting out on adulthood, they are picking up the pieces of a what was supposed to be a childhood. Their stories made me sad for their past, glad for their future, and really angry at a system that has gone so far astray.

On the way there, while Sweetie was looking for a parking place I noticed some bright colors wrapped around a tree. So after Sweetie went into the office to do some business, I walked back down the street.
Look what I found.

My first thought was a homeless person had wrapped his blanket around the tree. But when I got closer I could tell it was kind of art project.  There's a big thing in town this weekend. Artists/entrepreneurs/innovators all vying for a quarter of a million dollar prize. I don't know all the details. People get to vote for the idea they like best and at the end of the weekend, the best idea wins. 

I'm guess there will be all kinds of worthy causes. The decision won't be an easy one. Even though I don't know what the purpose of an afghaned tree, or sweatered bike rack is, but I quite like sight of it. 
Maybe if I'd seen them after the family services presentation, instead of before, I'd have felt better going home. 

I've just been to the One Spark website. There's going to be a whole lot more going on than I imagined. I think I've got my weekend planned. Check it out. 

If you had a creative idea to share, what would it be? 
Merry ME

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