Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm not very good at keeping secrets. Partly because I forget something is a secret to begin with. And partly because I get so excited about surprises. That's the reason I'm not one of those buy all year long for Christmas kind of people. When I buy it, I want to give it right away, not hold on to it for the holiday.

Recently I had this idea. A surprise for someone. I was about to pop so I shared the surprise with someone else who said, I can help with that. That's when I noticed that the small surprise had turned into a quadruple surprise.  Cause when I sent the surprise to my friend, she had the fun of opening the box and seeing the surprise.  She worked on it for a few days. We traded emails and a couple of photos. When it was done, I had the fun of seeing it finished before it was mailed.

I just got an email that the surprise is on it's way to the person who will give it to the it was intended for in the first place.  I'm all a-twitter with excitement. I want to spill the beans. I want to say wait til you see the surprise. But this time, I want the next two people that see the surprise to be really surprised. Surprised beyond the normal, everyday surprise. Like finding a diamond ring on the sidewalk, or looking up at the night sky and seeing a meteor shower, or seeing your baby's little toes for the first time - that kind of over the moon surprise.

I'm having a hard time waiting for news that the surprise has been delivered. Please don't try to get me to tell you what the surprise is because it's a secret.

Merry ME


Mary Rafferty said...

Sounds like a wonderful surprise is in store for someone - how fun!


Anonymous said...

Tell me?

Wholly Jeanne said...

though this post was fun enough by itself, i wait with bated breath for the big reveal.

terri st. cloud said...

i have got the biggest smile on my face!!!!!!!