Monday, April 29, 2013

My Golden Rule Needs a Little Polishing

I noticed that I sometimes treat people (like Sweeite) exactly the way I hate to be treated.
For me not knowing something that other's think is basic stuff is quite embarrasing. Being called on it even worse. That person thinking I'm a big dummy, and stomping around to prove a point,  even worse.

I also noticed that in my own righteousness, a person's belief that (s)he is right and I am wrong messes with my head. I begin to doubt myself, to back step, to crawl off my pedastal. Cause it's pretty embarrassing to think you're right, then be wrong.

I guess the answer is treating others the way you want to be treated. And treat yourself like you'd like others to treat you.

Now there's an idea that sounds golden.

Merry ME

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Mary Rafferty said...

You've got a great golden rule there, M:)

Life is a learning process, and when you are willing to learn and grow in awareness, it is always a good thing.
Better to be 'wrong' after thinking you were right and humble enough to admit to it, than to never see that anything was wrong at all!