Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some days it's just too much to bear

Upon hearing the air conditioner is going to need some major repairs, a friend's father took a fall recently and is not so happy with his life, the garment industry (of which I'm ashamedly a part of) takes woeful advantage of overseas workers, then dropping a box filled to the brim with Size D batteries and watching them roll all over the floor, I noticed I wanted to sit down and weep.

I'm grateful today for cold front that moved in yesterday and the mild breeze that wafts through my open windows.

Merry ME

Just when I thought my only option for today was to go back to bed and take a nap, I came across this video on FB.  Not much cuter than a piglet playing in a mudhole. Enjoy.



MamaJoe said...

I hate days when I feel overwhelmed. I am working on not allowing things run over me and knock me to the ground. The last month has been one fraught with some of the hardest things to bear...as you know. I pray that you are able to center yourself and find peace!

Constance said...

Some days feel overwhelming. Go back to bed and have a wonderful soothing nap and treat yourself to some relaxation! It's free of charge and good for the Soul:)