Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some things I've noticed lately, but didn't post ....

  • How awful it feels to hurt someone's feelings, especially someone you love, even if you didn't mean to do it.
  • When I'm depressed I have a strong desire to get lost someplace where I can be alone and I don't have to think about anything, just wander. A book store. A fabric store. A card store. A plant store. This wandering often leads to spending money I don't have on things I don't need. 
  • When the luster of stepping into the Messiah's shoes wears off, trying to save people is hard work.
  • When I look in the mirror I see a person who isn't smiling.
  • There is an art to self-portraiture that I don't have.
  • Even though I've read Magic 8 Ball, more times than I can count, seeing it in print, in an actual magazine as opposed to on-line, made me feel very proud. I read it again, as if it were the first time. 
  • Seeing little sunflower shoots pop out of the dirt and start to follow the sun while still wearing their seed coat, is like watching a magician pull a rabbit from a hat.
  • My anger meter seems to be set on high. It doesn't take much to piss me off. That usually makes me cry. It could be part of that compound grief stuff, or maybe I'm just extra pissy.  
  • People at the end of their life have a story to tell. We should all be asking questions and listening to the tales of love, adventure, heartache, pain, marriage, divorce, getting a private pilot's license, hopes, dreams, and on and on.
Merry ME

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