Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello, this is sweetie writing.

I cannot recall when Mary started to refer to me as sweetie. I don't mind, in fact I like it. But she however isn't given to nick-names. Well....except for Wendolina, or Johnson, and I've never ventured to ask what she used to call Jim. Whatever, he apparently escaped unscathed as he seems to be quite normal. "Whatever," leads me to this:

There are few things I say which bother Mary. One is my all time favorite "whatever." Usually used to be descriptive of a person, place, thing, or some issue of one person or another. My son Aaron brought into his vocabulary "It Is What It Is." I understand that to mean to him just what "whatever" means to me. I use that phrase a lot now. Mary doe not like it either. I believe they are inter-changeable. Well.....? Yeah I guess so.

Speaking to my niece this evening, who said she was sad to hear about my "illness," I responded: "well, it is what it is. This is a new set of challenges for me and I am excited about it." HUH! Excited was maybe not so good a descriptor. Intrigued maybe or, interested. Well, it it what it is, whatever.

Back to nick names. With my white shaggy hair and equally long white shaggy beard, a new semi permanent glazed eye look, and on occasion laughter (who-ME?) maybe Dopey is more appropriate. You know though that I won't suggest it. But now that SHE WHO (in time) MUST BE OBEYED knows about it, she will probably wait until it doesn't matter who calls me what. How will I know? LOL

Sending you Love & Laughter, jdc

PS; The punctuation in these missives may leave a lot to be desired, but the spelling is really good. What you don't see, thanks to spell check is how I rearrange letters, or hit the same key several times. Not because I hold down the key, because my fingers bounce up and down so much. LOL as they type.

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