Friday, June 12, 2015

The Light, Breakfast, Duality of Thought

As I have wandered through web pages or blogs I have started to pay attention to the side postings from other folks. One of those the origin of this post from Hope Koppelman. She explained that this prayer was read to her by her mother when Hope was young and she adopted it as her mantra. Seems pretty good to me.

I Am The Light,
The Light Shines Within Me,
The Light moves
Throughout me,
The Light Surrounds Me,
The Light Protects Me,
I am The Light.

Seems I can wrap myself in this right now.

Breakfast; Breakfast has always been a two edged treat for me. On the one hand I enjoy a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, rye toast, maybe a little southern gravy and of course coffee. 

On the other hand I have to remember I am diabetic and do what I must to keep my sugar down. BAH! This morning I made a delightful mixture of: two slices Ciabata Bread, Olive Oil, cheese, and coffee. A local food store, Public's offers the Ciabata bread in it's bakery. POOH! I thought for a long time they were baking it right there and I thought that was special. Again, POOH! It comes in frozen and then thawed and heated before being placed in a display case. Bakery indeed. Any way, I do love the bread despite it's "less than" origin. The Olive oil is a replacement for butter. Pretty good idea. The cheese was a chunk of left over. Of course fresh ground coffee. Now I use real cream and have given up my flavored coffee creamer. 

Duality of Thought: It is disconcerting when Mary and I start speaking each saying the same thing. Or express a thought we have both just had. Or finish sentences for each other. We do believe there is a possibility we were a couple in a past life. We're here to complete unfinished business. Whatever!

Mary has ordered four books on ALZ. The first arrived yesterday. The title suggests it is funny; "Don't Bury Me, It Ain't Over Yet!" Not a big book, just over 100 pages. And it is anything but funny as it describes his diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer Disease. He wrote this prior to moving into oblivion. It ends with a chapter from his wife; her description of their experience together after his diagnosis. Descriptive, real, and very sad.

My eyes leak when Mary looks into them and says "We are in this together. I will not leave you." A loving I have never known before. I am so grateful. I Love you more than all the stuff the universe is made of.

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Debbie said...

I wish I had something truly witty or uplifting for you both.....just take time to say the things that you're thinking (ok, only the nice things), love each other as you do and take each day as it comes.

For all of us, there are aspects of the big picture that are out of our control and to that end focusing on the day at hand is just fine.

We've recently lost one parent and another not in good health (Parkinson's) so it's a matter of trying to find and enjoy the best of each day. And yes, some days aren't like the others.

Take care.