Monday, June 15, 2015

New books, changing attitudes

"I'm Still Here" A New Philosophy of Alzheimer's Disease. This book arrived in today's mail. Paging through I found this statement by John Zeisel, Ph, D., the author.
"The people living with Alzheimer's disease have inspired me to stay in this field. The way this illness affects the brain leaves most of them exceptionally perceptive, increasingly creative, and highly emotionally intelligent for years"
So it appears there is a period of heightened brain activity for some years before the decline in abilities. This means the perceptions gleaned from certain TV shows and movies are inaccurate. This does not mean people with Alzheimer's don't have memory lapses or forget things, but those incidents are a smaller percentage than we might have been lead to believe. Rather than having one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel, I can look forward to a long time of heightened perception, increased creativity, and highly emotional intelligence. HOO-RAH!

By the way; do any of you holistic folks know anything about drinking apple cider vinegar with honey or baking soda? Please let me know. If you don't want to answer as a comment here, then e-mail me at:

Sending you Love and Laughter, jdc


The book that was delivered for me today is "Alzheimer's for Dummies" by Patricia Smith, Mary MItchell Kenan, PsyD, Mark Edwin Kunik, MD, MPH. As if she were speaking directly to me, Leeza Gibbons wrote in the foreword:
"Education is one of our primary objectives. There is no upside to keeping your head in the sand. This book is a cruical step in your new fight. Arm yourself with the knowledge waiting for you in these pages. It will help you find answers and resources as you adjust to your new reality."

Let the adjusting begin,
Merry ME 

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Anonymous said...

people buy apple cider vinegar "with the mother" for all kinds of health reasons. daughter d has been known to swig a shot straight from the bottle. I'm told honey helps cut the sour and makes it easier to swallow. jean