Monday, June 1, 2015


Sweetie and I went to breakfast with this morning with some new, but quickly becoming close, friends.
As we were deciding what we wanted to eat, Sweetie began to give a brief rundown of how he/we got from thinking he had some memory issues to the diagnosis of ALZ. He paused for a moment, trying to remember something, without thinking I jumped right in to finish the story. I didn't mean to talk over him, but that's exactly what I did.

When our friends got up to order, I apologized to Sweetie and asked him to please stop me - in a nice way -  if I do it again.

S: What's a nice way? Shut the f*#!k up?
M. I was thinking of a kinder, gentler way. We need a code word. Looking up I noticed a sign advertising a special on white zinfandel wine. Zinfandel. Next time I interrupt, just say zinfandel, and I'll know to be quiet.
S: How do you expect me to remember zinfandel?
M: It'll take a little practice!

Later on in another conversation, I heard Sweetie say zinfandel. Oops! I did it again! We both laughed and our friends were clueless. It's kind of awkward, but I think we're on to something.

Still later (it was a long lunch!) Sweetie got up and started a conversation with the people across from us. Turns out the man was 3 months shy of being 100 years old. The six of us shared stories and laughs for about 15 minutes. When asked the secret to his longevity, the gentleman said vinegar and honey. Sounds like a deadly combination to me, but he was a retired doctor so he spoke with authority. When the man smiled his whole face lit up, even his eyes twinkled. But more than I noticed that when Sweetie was engaged in this conversation his mood lifted.

Isn't it amazing what a smile can do?
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

Just read all of this last week's posts, both yours and Sweetie's. Through the days, I could see the evolution of fear lessening to courage, determination, positivity, honesty, deepening love, partnership/teamwork, humor, in just one week. I'm sure there are many more adjectives to add to that list. There are so many people waiting to help and be there for you both. You have done so much for so many that now those many want to give back in their own way whenever and whatever you need. At times, it may seem that you are alone, and too, there may be lonely times, but you are the center of a caring community. Know that you will always be able to reach out and someone will be there to grab your hand. Lots of love, ld

PS Those aren't adjectives, are they?

AkasaWolfSong said...

Zinfandel...sounds like a tower where the warriors hang out, polish their skills of holding back whatever needs holding back, or up, whatever the case may be. As for the Doctor's vinegar and honey, I'm sure of it from a purely alternative healing kind of way. Perhaps some medicinal marijuana too as the CDC oil in it restores the neurological receptors that are losing their own natural oils. I heard that too, and it makes sense to me. I love the comment above...and will stand in affirmation of it too! :) Sending loads of love and an abundance of positive energy your way...both of you! xoxoxo