Sunday, June 14, 2015



I walked hand in hand with my LOVED ONE,

I spoke to GOD,

I saw a new/old FRIEND,

I drank orange juice to lift up my SUGAR,

I ate breakfast with people who are dear to ME,

I got the recipe (again) for LONGEVITY,

I conversed with friends and was HEARD,

I conversed with friends and heard THEM,

Left comments for my community POSTERS,

I shared in a great turkey DINNER,

I ate asparagus and liked IT,


..........How cool is THAT!


Merry ME said...

Very cool, my love. Very cool, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Very very cool indeed that you ate asparagus and liked it.
Nice post! ld

Wishful traveler AKA 'Mom' said...

I just remembered that I have a blogger name from when our son was traveling, which explains my name format. Now I can comment on these wonderfully insightful and humorous posts!
So glad to be part of this very good day Jack!