Friday, June 5, 2015

Tears would roll down my cheeks, but my beard gets in the way.

It has been another tumultuous night, followed by a barely awake day. I'm down, I'm up, then I'm down again and up again; history repeating itself. It's De javu all over again.

Now it is Friday evening. Mary & John are out walking the communal dog. I and the cats are in bed. Me with my laptop balanced on belly, while cats are hanging off the side of the bed being vigilant in scouting out the dog. The walkers have returned. The dog is wandering through the house shaking itself-flapping ears against its head. The cats are well, being cats. One is playing non-chalant to the dog while the other is laying on her back with legs splayed; feigning sleep. Mary is watching Date line in the den. If I didn't know her better I could get concerned about her learning how to commit the perfect murder.

We've been across town to visit Amy, Aaron, and Kellie, followed by Orange something or other hot dogs and fries. Young Mr. Cook and family are going to Tn. later in the week, for 10 days. POOH!

There is so much we could/should be doing and plenty of time to do it. Yet talking about it is our
only progress so far.Wait! I did get the shelves back together in the garage. Another place to move stuff from point A to point B. I do remember several people indicating a willingness to do "whatever" to help us around here. I don't think however that garage sale set up is included in those expressions of support. I can dream though can't I?

Mary asked me tonight if I have a "bucket list." I don't even have a pail list. My list  is more like what I could have done, not what I ought to go and do. Now these are not regrets, more like lost opportunities. Finishing flight school. Keeping several of the cars I have owned over the years. Seeing myself through 20 years of service rather than eight. Keeping better tabs on family and friends. Finishing education. Writing more. Focusing on today, only. I could go on and on but then I run the risk of slipping into regrets.



terri st. cloud said...

i'm out here catchin' up, checkin' in, and stayin' with you in spirit.
just wanted you to know....

jack said...

thanks terri, i appreciate you