Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

It has been a rather long day. Up early followed by lots of sitting and waiting.
The good news is that Sweetie's heart has no new blockages and the stents that were installed a few years ago are nice and clear. We were able to pack the patient up after a couple of hours and bring him home to sleep in his own bed. As nice as it is to go away, it's even better to come home.

Of course, now that we know there are no blockages the question remains what is causing the symptoms Sweetie has been having for awhile. After today's experience I have complete confidence in the VA doctors and facilities. I think we'll find the answers we're looking for.

Today has been all about feeling gratitude ...
For all the people who prayed for and surrounded my Sweet and ME with positive energy
For the doctors and nurses who took care of him
For the kind people at the VA who pointed me in the right direction every time I got lost
For cruise control so that I didn't get a speeding ticket
For XM radio
For Linda Lu taking care of Dad and the cats while I was gone
For the hand of the Divine Healer that down and pulled us close

Feeling blessed,
Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

I'm so pleased that Sweetie is on the way to being sorted. Must be a great relief to all of you.
Hope progress continues.

Constance said...

Very happy that your Sweetie is home, and will keep my fingers crossed they will find what is causing the symptoms.
Is this indigestion or heartburn or a panic attack?

Gratitudes make your day feel richer and brighten it, don't they ? It's such a nice thing to do, to recall them, and know they are present every day:)

AkasaWolfSong said...

I send Grandmother Great Spirit to wrap you in Her loving and capable wings, and lay your Sweetie down amidst the folds of her lap for total and complete healing. I give thanks in advance for the healing light of Her Love. I send the Angels to watch over and guard you all at this time, bringing you the peace that passes our understanding. The Peace the Masters know and serve.
You will be in my prayertime and thoughts Merry Me...as I am grateful too this day to have had such a wonderful prayer issued to my Grandson and myself by you. We are all in this web of life together...and since February is the month of love...I send you and yours much love and many blessings.