Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ode to Pink

Just sittin' and chillin' today while Sweetie tries to clean the garage that looks - and feels- like a sticky glue bomb exploded in it. In an effort to fix a few floor tiles with loose edges, Dad's handyman scraped up all the tile. What remains is this goo that probably resembles the La Brea Tar Pits. Sabertooth tigers may be smart enough to avoid the garage, but the humans in this house have to traverse the gummy floor on a regular basis. It's really kind of nasty.

Dad ordered some indoor/ outdoor carpet which sounds a tad to fussy for a garage but I've learned to keep my mouth shut when he is redecorating. Instead I fume and cuss under my breath every time I have to take a load of clothes to the washing machine and back.

But I digress .... while Sweetie is giving his non-blocked heart arteries a work out I'm going through blogs I've missed for a few days. One of my faves is Patti's blog Living with my Shadow. Today I discovered the very talented woman actually has 13 blogs. They are not all current but there is good stuff in all of them. So I strolled through and found this pink art bra she made. You should go check it out and read what she has to say about my new color pink. It seems she already knew the power of pink.

I'm a little slow, but I'm catching on! As Miss Patti says, "Never under estimate the Power of Pink!" Check it out (Scroll down three posts to see the bra)

Feeling Pink. Feeling the Love,
Merry ME


Constance said...

Indoor/outdoor carpeting is an excellent idea for a garage. I think you will really like it once it is installed. Great on the feet:)

Molly said...

I love pink! Always have. And that bra is a work of art :)

pattie said...

You are so sweet!! That bra was a labor of love by my sister and me.. that was auctioned off to provide funds for women who do not have health insurance!! They traveled around the U.S.! And I was blessed to have a picture of it grace their calendar that year!!
Thanks for reminding all about the power of pink!!