Saturday, February 27, 2010

News from Hawaii

A mom's worse nightmare ...

Oh great! All i need is a big wave............... john hawaii

5:49 am
news says we could get a wave from each direction. LOL the surfers are all gearing up! im ready to go mountain hiking! john.............

8:32 am:
Ok, this is no joke!!!!!!!! We are due to be hit by a real frickin tidal wave! The sirens have been going off and there is no sleep to be had! im right on the coast, literally the closet building to the beach. i cant beleave my luck while here in hawaii. The last time chile was hit with a quake it was a 9 pointer, and it sent a huge 50 footer onto ewa beach that killed alot of people here in the late 60's. i beleave ill be fine but these buildings are not in great shape, and i mean it im right on the coast! Im not going to take their word for it but it is supposed to hit at 11:10 am my time. the siren is going to be going off at 6 am permanently until it hits. it could be a puddle wave or a massive bruiser, we wont know until it engulfs us, thats the best part. i will have my video camera mounted for this one. its a full moon which means surfers here surf all night. im not kidding they are in the water as i write this at 3:25 am. i think i may be the only sane person on this whole island. I really cant beleave this is going to happen! Mom im heading to the all night market to get some floaties. if i do get sucked out,I will be beyond pissed off. I will call everyone at a decent time to let everyone know our outcome. i will say if it does make it some of the more dense people will be shark bait. they think this is some kind of neat event. i will make sure to take high ground in a decent spot. Im not ruling out diamond head!!! it is the closet high ground to me. as i write the police are evacing the beach head quarters, this is not a good sign! i love you all.

10:32 am:
Alright my pack is filled to 50 lbs! im on my way up diamond head in 5 minutes! the whole place is going nuts! no water in the stores, lines for gas, no exits, airports down, ships leaving harbor, and the national guard are running all over town! this should be a real show! im seriously sitting on the lowest ground at ground zero! the zoo is need of some help!!! its right here with nothing in front of it but the pacific. im debating helping for a few. i will keep everyone posted. i found a pill box on the side of diamond head look out that is in walking distance, i am for sure going to be up there. ill be in touch.........

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Fire Byrd said...

Oh My, thinking of you worrying about your boy, I know he's grown up, just like you do, but right now I bet your holding a very big breathe till you know he is safe.