Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Days 43 & 44 Rain, Robins and Fashion Nightmares

Around 12:30 last night I noticed I was still up working on my "why I write" essay. I'm afraid to look at it this morning because I really want it to be finished, but something tells me I've still got some work to do. Apparently writing is something I do without thinking about it. Trying to define it has been a painful exercise.


This morning, I notice rain outside my window. Finally, finally the skies have opened up and rain has come tumbling down. Mmmmmm. I love that sound. I love that clean fresh smell.


Later in the day:

I walked through the men's department of one of the nice department stores in town and noticed this:

Seriously? Is this the look that men will be sporting this summer? What's next bell-bottom pants?

I believe there are certain decades whose styles are better left in the annuls of fashion disasters. The 70's would be one of them. Remember leisure suits? And double knit trousers? Don't get me wrong. I'm all for peasant blouses, ankle length skirts, bare feet and wreaths of flowers on one's head. I even like paisley prints, been known to wear them. But M-aisley (paisley for men) shirts? I'm pretty sure even Tim Gunn who doesn't hesitate to wear plaid shirts with a striped jacket would give this shirt a thumbs down.

At the other end of the mall, I noticed, with glee, the robins are back in town. I love these few weeks when my red-breasted brethren stop for a brief rest on their migratory sojourn. It's like spring break for birds. They hang out, enjoy the warm Florida climes and get drunk on luscious red berries. 

I watched them frolic for several minutes in huge puddles left after the morning's rains. Who can't feel happy when in the presence of such bird beauty? Don't you just feel like singing "when the red, red robin goes bob bob bobbing along?"

I love days like this.
Merry ME

P.S. Sweetie just told me he thinks this shirt is "cool" looking. At least he didn't say "groovy."

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