Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 36 - To Drive or Not to Drive

Today I noticed that even when you know you shouldn't do something anymore, or know the end is coming, or can easily rationalize that not doing something is for the best when that something is taken away you feel a little sad.

I took my friend to the eye doctor today. When she asked him about driving, he shuddered. He told her she no longer meets the legal requirements for driving.  Sixty-six years of safe driving and just like that it's over.  Never mind, that she hasn't driven since her fall in October and her hands are swollen and sore from arthritis. In some ways she could be relieved she doesn't have to drive anymore. 

Still, while the doctor wrote up his notes, I saw my strong, sassy, woman friend, cover her eyes and bite her lip. One more bit of independence taken from her. It's been a hard week - some basic health issues, some pain, some sleeplessness. Lots of loneliness. She'll be 92 on Sunday. I think even for the youngest at heart, there must come a point when birthdays stop being a celebration and become, instead, a badge of honor. 

Merry ME