Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 56/57 Palm Tree Wisdom

I neglected to write about what I noticed yesterday because I my mind was on my 1000th post.
There were, however,  two things I noticed that kind of took my breath away.

First was the way the wind whipped through the palm trees as I waited for the valet to bring me my car. The rain had let up some, but the moist air sprinkled me with a tropical mist.  I enjoyed watching how the trees swayed. It called to mind a series of sermons presented by Rev. Richard Roos during Advent a few years ago. Traditionally one thinks of firs and evergreens at the holidays not palm trees. But here in Florida, it's not uncommon to see palms encircled in twinkling white lights and bedecked in ornaments resembling fish and flamingos.

Fr. Roos's sermons were, of course, meant to turn our hearts and minds towards the coming Christmas celebration. I think the messages are good even without a religious bent. Take them how you will. (12/23/2007)

1. In a storm the palm bends but rarely breaks. 
Life is going to be hard we must learn to bend.

2. Palm trees will repair themselves and be stronger in that spot. 
Life will hurt us. We should use that wound to become stronger.

3. Palm roots are shallow and long rather than deep. They draw together with the roots of other trees.
We are not meant to go it alone. We were created to live in community.

4. The older the palm gets, the sweeter and more succulent the fruit becomes. 
 We are called to grow in grace and wisdom and care for those who need it.
I'll be honest, I didn't think of all that as I watched the palms sway. Mostly I thought of the dance they were doing.  Perhaps that should be #5. When the winds of life blow, dance like a kite on a string.

I also noticed how talking to a baby is one of the sweetest things in the whole world. After changing Miss B's diaper we had our first real conversation. She held my eyes in hers and answered me coo for coo. She kicked her feet and waved her hands. As we talked her  mom and grandmom watched from behind us. I think each of decided at that moment that Nanny Mary could stay for awhile.


Tonight I noticed how easily some old negative, "not worthy" feelings surface when something really, really good happens.  More on that later.


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AkasaWolfSong said...

Your analogies of the Palm Trees are spot on Sister! I loved each one of them.

As for Nanny Mary, I just bet those two watchers were privately swelling with pride as they watched their wee one talk with you, and then the knowing set in that their little love was in good and capable, and yes, loving hands and heart.

I'm noticing today the great pot of soup and its enticing aroma is it cooks on top of the stove, as well as watching the snow continute to softly fall...it is mesmerizing.