Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 39 - Feeling Blue

Traffic on 295 at a dead stop.
No patience. Anxiety rising.

Get to the airport late.
Big hug, quick goodbye.
Sadness sits on my shoulders.
Quiet tears.
Under the blanket.
Blessed sleep.

Hot shower.
Turkey sandwich.
Ice cold Coke.

Wander the mall.
Search the bookstore.
Drive home.

Sit in my chair, computer on my lap.
Can still feel her warm, gentle spirit.
Time passes.

Goodbyes suck.
I miss my big sister.

I notice my coping mechanisms haven't changed much.
Merry ME

1 comment:

AkasaWolfSong said...

I know it's not the same kind of Sister Hug you most likely need right now but I'm hugging you just the same...and you are entitled to feel a bit blue Mary...Sisters are such special gifts aren't they?

I'm with you Sister of my heart!