Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo - Day 1

"Beginning is easy - continuing hard."
Japanese Proverb

I have decided the theme of my daily posts in the month of November is going to be "People."

People who have impacted my life in some way for the better. People who make me see more clearly, feel more deeply, or love more quickly. People who have made me laugh and people who have been there for me when I cried. I haven't added them all up, but in thinking about the people I want to write about I realize just how blessed I am. I'm both lucky and grateful to rarely venture far from my home, yet know that my circle of friends reaches to many faraway places. My father told me once that the Internet was the work of the Devil. Someone probably told him the same thing about calculators, power screwdrivers and microwave ovens. I understand that something as big as the world-wide-web is bound to attract some unsavory characters and troublesome headaches. For sure, one has to be careful when exploring it. At the same time social networking has connected people in a way far more long-reaching than the fickle finger of fate. I, for one, have benefited from friendships I have made, pictures of places I'd never see otherwise, and stories of hope, joy, beauty, inspiration, and love.

A lot of the people I want to share with you I've never met except through the blogpsphere. Some of them I've written about before, but I believe they are worthy of a double, or triple shoutout. If there is a problem with this plan, it is I may not know 30 people to write about. I've decided that doesn't matter. If you know someone whose horn needs to be tooted just write a comment and I'll get back to you for details.

"In this life we cannot do great things.
We can only do small things with great love."
Mother Theresa

I know that getting a star on Merry ME's walk of fame is not quite the same as getting a nod from Oprah, or winning a Nobel prize. It's simply my way of saying thank you to people who have shared their light with me and others.

Today I just have a big open heart full of gratitude.
Wishing the same for you,
Merry ME

P.S. I just remembered something I can't believe I forgot. It's the Merry ME "You Rock" Award. Along with my gratefulness, this swell award is something the people I mention can brag about to all their co-workers!


Cinderella said...

I love what you are going to do.

It means more to me as a blogger than being on Oprah because I 'know' you and you 'know me' and she is just a stranger.

The blogging world has many who really are THERE emotionally for their blogging friends in comments, and it can be so helpful, insightful, educational, supportive, etc.

Hugs to you for doing such a sweet thing - whether I win an award or not!

Tracey Catarozoli a.k.a Sally Sunshine said...

I love this idea Mary! I can't wait to read all of your gracious words for the month!! PS. I think my Merry Me You Rock Award ROCKS! :0)