Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NabloPoMo - Day 29 Chapter 2

Last summer sometime Sweetie and I went to Mt. Dora. While there I tried on some shoes, sandals, as I recall. They were quite expensive so I was in luck when they did not have my size in stock. When I got home I checked on Zappos for the same shoe. Again Lady Luck was on my side and the shoe was unavailable. A sign I think that the shoes were not meant for me.

Well, ever since then I've been getting ads from Zappos that excitedly tell me new Rieker styles are available. "You asked for it and we've got it.," it says in the email subject line. I have never once been tempted to buy the shoes they are suggesting. Rieker shoes may be very comfortable. They me be stylish in Europe. But in my book they are overpriced and on the ugly side.

I know at my age, it's okay to forgo style for comfort. Old lady feet that are prone to plantar facitis need "substantial" sturdy, i.e. ugly shoes. I get that. But this ugly?

I think it's possible this ad was made for the Wicked Witch of the West, not me.
However, if by some chance this is your style I suggest you hurry on over to Zappos and get yourself a pair because according to the ad, they are going fast. At $135.00 a pop, I highly doubt this, but you never know. I've never been an icon of shoe fashion.

Merry ME
P.S. Writing this I realize that my foot is feeling better. Maybe that podiatrist knew what he was talking about when he said to stay off my feet.
P.S.S. Since I've written 2 posts today that brings my number for November to 30. Have I finished NaBloPoMo? Nah...it's not over til it's over.


Fire Byrd said...

They are ugly shoes over here too!
Just sometimes comfy gets in the way of gorgeous.... but not that often!

Anonymous said...

I don't think those shoes are that ugly, and with the right outfit would look pretty amazing.

~weneki, the shoe hound

Chara Curtis said...

Wow, shar pei shoes! Gotta love 'em (and give 'em a long leash).