Monday, November 14, 2011

NabloPoMo - Day 14

I wonder if copying an email into your day's post is considered cheating by the NaBloPoMo police? I'm going to have to risk it - kind of like walking down to the first rest stop (essentially a big rock where you stop to catch your breath and take a photo, reminding yourself NOT to look down) into the Grand Canyon, then calling it done and buying the T-shirt that said, "I Hiked the Canyon." As noted by our Indian guide, Mel, that my sisters and I hooked up with later in the day to show us the dinosaur tracks that were supposedly made thousands of years ago, "I'm a cheater."

I've been trying to write something for most of the afternoon but kept getting distracted. I hate it when I think something I need is right on my desk but isn't. At least it isn't until I check my desk a third time and find it right where I thought it was to begin with. Basically I lost my focus. My last resort is to post something somebody else said.

I've just become a fan of Creativity Coach, Jill Badonsky. I don't even know where I first saw her stuff. My writing coach lent me one of her books just last week. I think that's a sign, don't you? A sign for me to be open to new things. At first I was drawn to the pictures, then the words, then the possibility behind the words. Check out her blog here.

So I got this email today from Badonsky with the above quote attached. She suggested closing your eyes and thinking of 5 things that went right for your in the last few hours.

"How'd you do?" she asked. "How'd that feel?"

"Counting the things that go right can keep you in a place of fullness
and when you're ful-filled you're
more likely to allow yourself to get to your creative work.
Procrastination is like punishment.
Let me give you permission to believe
that you deserve a creative life."

I thought I'd try the exercise, while I'm sitting in the quiet of my kitchen with few distractions other than the hum of the fridge and persistent meow of a certain Boy Cat who seems to think I won't remember giving him a treat 10 minutes ago. Smart cat!

What went right for me today?
1. Suzi continues to pee outside after breakfast instead of on the carpet. Of course she does this trick at anywhere from 4:00-5:30 am which are both way before my normal waking hour. But hey, it's a routine I can live with that doesn't involve a rug shampooer.
2. I fell right back to sleep after aforementioned outdoor pee.
3. I remembered the pants I wanted to have altered BEFORE getting to the seamstress without them. I only had to go once around the block.
4. The Priority Stamp I'd put on the package I was mailing was enough postage to send it on it's way.
5. I found a candle on sale at the grocery store that has a really nice smell - raspberry.
6. I marked a few things off my TO DO list.
7. I found the missing paper, i.e. I'm not going crazy.

You know, I think, Badonsky may be on to something. Making a list of things that go right for you is like making a gratitude list. When you put your mind to thinking positively or giving thanks, it's hard to be all poopy and negative. I like that.

What about you? What went right in your day?

Today I'm grateful for new insights that appear like magic in my Inbox. I'm grateful for my kids who both made me smile today, not by doing anything special, but just by being themselves.

Wishing for you many blessings to count,
Merry ME

P.S. This may not be a good thing to admit, but using someone else's idea made this post flow pretty easy.

P.S.S. Just my opinion, but I don't think you can go wrong signing up for Jill Badonsky's newletter.


Anonymous said...

Love Rob Bresney!
if i make a list of things that go right, I would probably just misplace it!

Patricia J. Mosca said...

I am a graduate of Jill's Muse class and her coaching class...I am also good friends with her...having stayed in her home in CA.
If you are reading her book The nine modern day muses and a body guard do all the exercises you will discover so much...If you are doing the Awe-Manac I did that and you can see the journal I kept at Artfully Yours
( go to 2009...SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!