Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 40 - Sadness Hangover

The trouble with giving into sadness, like alcohol or dancing, is the post "fill in the blank" hangover.
There comes a point when you have to pick yourself up, clean yourself off, and start all over again - regardless of the headache and lethargy. I noticed today I've got the post boohoo blahs.

In an attempt to work myself out of the funk, I played with my writing group's new blog. It's in the Wordpress format which I know nothing about.  After about an hour I finally posted a quote about writing and linked that blog to this one.  Not the top of Mount Everest, but accomplishment nonetheless.

The blog is a natural outlet for the group's stories, poems, thoughts and announcements. Several of us are already writing blogs as diverse as the writers we are. You may want to give us a few days to work the kinks out, but I encourage you to put the Chat Noir Writers Circle Blog on your list of favorites. Once we get rolling, you won't be sorry.

I think I hear Sweetie in the back room working with power tools. This wouldn't worry me except I happen to know the only things in the room that require a drill or motorized screwdriver are the new blinds. Actually, they aren't new, because they've been sitting in a box behind the door for going on 2 years.  What worries me is knowing that blinds + a drill = Sweetie standing on a step ladder.  As you can imagine, this comes close to being an accident waiting to happen.  Hard as it is to stand by and watch, I should be in there closer to the action. Picture, one of those coaches who stands by while a gymnast flies through the air between the parallel bars. I've always felt sure if there is an accident and the athlete misses a bar and goes sailing to the floor, the chances of that spotter catching them are pretty slim.  If Sweetie falls from the stool, there will be nothing I can do but punch in 911 on the nearby phone. Truth be told I'd rather not watch.  It's one of those "for better or worse" things I agreed to so I better get in there before I hear a crash. Probably the only thing worse than seeing the fall is hearing it.

May the sun shine down upon you today and encircle you in its warmth,
Merry ME

P.S. If you are a visitor from the CNWC Blog, welcome. I hope you'll come back often.

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Mary said...

Hopefully Sweetie will stay safe on the ladder.

Hugs for you, and may the post-boo-hoo blahs go away soon!