Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51-Part 2 The Joy of Stripes

I arrived at work a few minutes early. So I parked the car next to the dog walking yard and waited.  Out came a girl and her mom, with a big dog and a little dog. I couldn't help but notice, and appreciate the fashion statement of the young girl. She was dressed head to toe in stripes. Multi-colored stripes. The stripes on her dress wide, may 3/4 inch. Her socks a little narrower, and her socks narrower still.  I'm not sure I would ever have had the nerve to put together this stripey ensemble, but I must say it was quite delightful. I have a new appreciation for stripes.

What about you? Stripes or dots?

Wait. Don't answer until you've checked out these shoes.

I also couldn't help but notice that holding a sweet baby girl in my arms, looking over the river from a high rise apartment and seeing all the downtown lights, felt mighty good. I think my Grammy skills are a little rusty, but have been asked back. This is a good sign. Maybe I'll wear striped socks!

Merry ME


AkasaWolfSong said...

What an adorable chid...even those shoes! :)

I bet your a warm, comforting, and protective Grammy, and I'm sure she loves you already!

I'd dress with stripes, stars, polka dots all mixed together, lol.
Seriously! Sometimes a girl just has to make a statement and live outside of the crayon box.


Mary said...

Polka dots are my favorite, but I did have a navy-and-white striped silk dress that I used to love at work...

The family will be lucky to have you if they choose you as their nanny. What a cute little kid!


Anonymous said...

for me it will always be GLITTER! sparkle.. ~laughing~ I want ruby red slippers till I am 108!