Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 64 - A Silver Lining?

There is probably nothing better than running down the hall and jumping back into my warm bed after letting the dog out in the morning.  Well, okay, that's an exaggeration. There are lots of things better, most of them having to do with chocolate. Still a warm bed and another hour of sleep are pretty near the top of my list.

Sweetie has trouble with his back so most nights he wanders out to his chair and sleeps there, covered from nose to ankle. It makes me cold just to look at his bare feet sticking out from the blanket turning blue. Not so blue that they need a tag on the toe, but they do look sort of cadaverous. When I open the door behind him, I usually check to make sure he's still breathing. I'm sorry Sweetie doesn't sleep well in the bed. However, I have gotten used to crawling into the middle of a bed, now made for one, and surrounding myself with pillows and covers.

This is often the time Boy Cat will jump off his perch above the TV and join me, or knock something off a table causing a noise loud enough to re-awaken me. This may be his way of telling me he's hungry, or he may just be a brat cat. I think he waits til I've just dozed off. On the mornings he likes to cuddle, he is quite the lover. Lots of rubbing and purring going on. Less than graceful Girl Cat, on the other hand, jumps on the bed and proceeds with what Sweetie calls the Kitty Cat Flop. She likes to do this either at my feet so I'm pinned and can't move. Or on my pillow which is dangerously close to my head. It might take awhile, especially if Suzi is crying at the door like a newborn baby, but I eventually drift off into deep sleep.

This morning, I rolled over and felt something kind of wet, and kind of lumpy. Huh? Who's been sleeping in my bed? More to the point. Who's been puking in my bed? Cat puke to be exact. Since we own two cats it's sometimes hard to point the finger at a specific puker. However, with Boy Cat asleep on the cable box, and the fact that Girl is a bit of a glutton, all signs pointed to her, who was suspiciously no where to been seen.

I noticed that cat puke in your warm bed, makes it hard to get back to sleep. Grrrrr. So I got up, and headed for a shower. While I stood under hot water, I tried to find something positive in this disruption of my morning's slumber. I noticed it's hard to find anything positive about vomit. And unlike an owl's casting, cat vomit does not contain any interesting pieces half eaten detritus left over from last meal. Girl Cat tends to leave uneaten pieces of cat kibble with just enough bile to make it really gross to clean up or lie in.  Good god, I'm grossing myself out, which is exactly why I did a second go round with the soap.

Then it hit me. A blessing. A silver lining. A reason to be grateful.  Girl Cat had not thrown up ON me. Instead she'd picked Sweetie's side of the bed. So, in a court of law, she could get off with a just stern warning, because there actually wasn't supposed to be anyone on that side of the bed. She couldn't be charged with pre-meditation. I just happened to be on the wrong side of the bed.  Turth be told I'm grateful I was the one who found the surprise under the covers. Had Sweetie discovered it when he crawled into bed, there would have been a lot of 'splaining to do.


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever. ~w

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ahhh Mary...you are a fracture, lolololol! Remember Fractured Flickers?

I think another Silver Lining here would be that whatever Girl Cat had inside of her that was making her sick is now gone, ha ha ha, albeit on the bed.