Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 76 -

Today I noticed that I, the person who is afraid of horses and has a date with a horse at 2pm on Thursday, was telling Miss Mary not to be worried, because the ride was going to be perfectly safe. By the end of our conversation I had her laughing and myself almost convinced that riding a horse is going to be like a trot in the park.

I also noticed the sweet smell of lavender as I vacuumed the living room. Boy Cat likes to knock things off dressers, book shelves, table tops or any place he can get to that he isn't supposed to be. Sometimes I think he's trying to tell me it's mealtime. Other times, I'm sure he's just evil and likes to see things spill, like a full glass of water or a jar full of lavender.  Once he's done his deed, he is off and running. He knows at least one of his lives is in jeopardy.


I've learned chasing him down the hall does little to help the situation. He hides under the bed until I clean up the mess. Then comes out and acts all lovey. Like right now. Like he thinks I don't realize he's checking out my glass of tea. Like I'm some kind of dumb human.  Hmmm. He may have a point, because who else but a big dumb human would continue to put the jar of lavender back on the shelf over and over again?

Tea all over the floor is one thing. Lavender, I've found, isn't so bad. I sweep it up and toss it into the carpet. When I vacuum, it's like being in Linda Lu's garden.  Maybe Boy is doing me a favor! Who can be scared when there's lavender in the air?

Merry ME

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