Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 72ish

I was rinsing out a bottle of shower spray. Filling it up and pouring the water out. Not paying a whole lot of attention to anything except the filling and pouring rhythm. For some reason, my eye caught the teeny, tiny writing "ish." As in refill 2.5ish X.

That cracked me up. I thought manufacturers had to be a bit more precise than ish-y.
Ish is when a mom wants her kid to eat her vegetables. She knows it's way more than 2 bites, butwhen asked, she says, "two-ish."
Or when a teen tries to sneak in past the curfew and the sleeping parents, opens one eye but can't see the clock, and the teen says, "I'm home early. It's only 12-ish."

I wonder what the FDA thinks about this kind of labeling?

Have a stupendous day. Or fine-ish if you prefer.
Merry ME

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