Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 62 - The Ministry of Presence

I noticed today that when I go into my friend's house, she is often stiff, in pain, unhappy or any combination of the three. After talking awhile, she begins to smile. She moves a little easier.  Before I leave I've heard her laugh at least once.  Tonight I helped her fix a "real" dinner. Fish, sweet potatoes and broccoli - as opposed to a frozen entree.

"Hey, this is good," she said. I noticed that it made me smile.

Mary calls me Angel Girl. I'm flattered. But I don't want my head to get too big for my halo.  I learned a lot from taking care of Dad.  I also feel like there were a few lessens that didn't quite sink in.  By helping Mary I'm kind of getting a do-over.  That makes checking on her, making sure she eats, helping her bathe and seeing that she laughs a little every day a two-way street.

We all need an angel girl. We all gave angelic qualities to share. All it takes is a few minutes to connect with another person. You can't shine light in another's life without some of it shining on you as well.
Maybe tomorrow you can pick up the phone and call a shut in, or say thank you to a grocery clerk, smile at someone you don't know, send a card to someone you haven't seen in awhile. Being an angel isn't so hard. It just takes a willingness to share yourself with another traveler on the same road.

Merry ME


Anonymous said...

it matters...

AkasaWolfSong said...

You Dear Friend are an Angel to me!
S E R I O U S L Y! :)