Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 67 - Longing

 Katie's topic for today is the plight of women around the world. Need for education. Safe childbirth. Safe everything, I remark to myself.  Wishing.

I turned on the computer. Saw a picture of Reid, the newest member of our family. Everyone agrees he looks a lot like my dad.  Thinking of faraway family. The tears begin to fall.

Answered an email question about my mom. Missing her. More tears.

Went to FB. Watched a hilarious video of an older woman dancing. I never saw my Grandmother dance. Not sure if she ever did.  I looked at the dancing woman's body. Smiled about the "crone" conversation we had at writing group this week. About embracing my curves and gray hair hair.  My feet and hips moved to the music. I smiled. Remembering good times.  More tears.

Was reminded that it is International Woman's Day.  Read this Chinese proverb:
"When sleeping women wake. Mountains move." 
Thinking about woman around the world. When will we gather together in love to change things? Can love really change anything? Wondering. More tears.

Read about Random Acts of Kindness. Yes. I think love can change things. I hold your hand. You hold hers. She holds another's. ..... One hand at a time.  Wishing. Still the tears.

Read a blog. Where would you be if you could be anywhere in the world, right this second?  At my sister's house, I write.
In the kitchen.3 generations. John Denver singing. Someone singing along. Dancing. Various ages, talking over each other. Laughing. Catching up. Remembering. Eating nuts and bolts. Cooking to please - pasta, meat, tofu. Crying. Laughing some more.Wanting the day to last forever.
Longing for connection, I notice, brings up a lot of emotion. Emotion = tears. Guess it's just going to be one of those boohoo days.  I think I'll dance and let the tears flow.
Merry ME

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Constance said...

Random acts of kindness brings connections with it. The lonelier you feel, the more it helps to reach out.

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I think it would be southern ocean lodge in Australia... Or in the Seychelles somewhere. On a beach with an overwater bungalow. Hey, I'd even be happy with Hawaii!