Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 70 - Colors of Spring

Today I noticed the colors of Spring.
I'm always amazed how, as the seasons change from winter to spring, the world turns green. Not just green. But GREEN, in every shade imaginable. While waiting in line at the bank I counted six different greens. Like the Divine One opened up his big box of crayons and colored leaves on bare trees.

When I looked out my kitchen window I noticed a magnificent make cardinal. All decked out in his red suit like he was going to help pick the new pope.

When I walked through the flower section of Winn Dixie I spied some pink tulips and yellow daffodils just starting to open up.

I noticed the sky was a pretty shade of blue in the morning, then turned cloudy and a little gray before the sun went down. Rain is forecast for tonight.

A man walked by me carrying a pillow, blanket and pink tinkerbell bag as I waited for a friend in front of the hospital. When he drove back around I noticed he was picking up his wife and obviously brand new baby. Tiny little bald headed thing, dressed in white.

Sweet Jesus, there's nothing like new beginnings.

Merry ME

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