Thursday, March 28, 2013

Change, Schmange.

The service technician from Apple convinced me it was better to pay $19.99 for a new version, and improved operating system, rather than paying the same amount to get him to walk me through downloading a new flash player.  Hey, he gets paid for knowing this kind of stuff, so I said okay, let's do it, knowing that even though the differences between Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion would be minimal, it would be annnoying like walking with a little pebble in my show.  Perhaps when I get use to it I'll say it's a win/win upgrade. Apple gets another twenty bucks in their coffers and I get a flash player, Moutain Lion, and three months worth of phone support.

I've noticed I have to scroll up to go down, and vice versa. Some might say I can't abide change, and trying new things is good for my psyche.  To that I'd respond, what the hell is wrong with people that they can't leave well enough alone?  Seriously, this is not a pebble in my show. I'm walking with a frikken boulder in there. Grrrr.

Struggling ME

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Change must be the operative word lately...not that it isn't any other time as well, but I've sure been inundated with it lately!

I don't really care to make techno changes either as it takes me forever to learn something and by the time I've learned it, it's obsolete...gotta move on to something new. Ahhhh...gotta keep movin' on down the road tho, eh Mary Sister of my Heart?

Happy Easter!!!!