Wednesday, November 28, 2007

30 days hath September ...

April, June and November ...

Unless you are a member of NaBloMoPo and then it will seem like November has 300 days. I've really never known this month to drag on so long. Under normal circumstances, the days passing slow as molassas would be in my favor. I'd have what seems like more time to shop, bake, and prepare for December ho, ho, ho thing.

This afternoon I was sitting pretty. Almost resting on my smug, I-posted-30-days-in-a-row laurels. I thought I had only 2 more posts more to do. Indeed the finish line was in sight. Then I looked at the calendar. The last day of November does not arrive until Friday. Since I only had subject ideas for today and [what was I thought was the last day]tomorrow, I've now got to come up with one more thing more thing to write about.

Just when one thinks one is really screwed, the muse jumps in to aid the writer, or if not the muse then at least what the writer could call serendipity.

How can I possibly NOT draw attention to the comment I received on last night's post about Dancing with the Stars. The only comment I've ever received on my blog from someone I don't know. Can I suggest you go back and read it without sounding like a braggart? Go ahead. Take a peak. Check it out! I'll wait!

Hmmm. What do you think? Spam?

Yeh, I think so too.

There for a moment I let myself believe that members of Helio's Brazilian family had not only found my blog, they had posted a grateful comment. I convinced myself that they were really impressed with my choice of dancing winners, etc. etc. etc. I can't speak or read Spanish. So I scanned the comment and when I didn't see Helio's name, I pretty much had to tell myself it was a hoax. Talk about deflating one's ego.

The thing that cracks me up is how whoever wrote the comment ended it - "goodbye friend."

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. And now that I've finished with this little ditty, I can offically say I see the end of NaBloPoMo in sight. Woohoo!

I checked out the prize list yesterday. Sixty-two prizes have been donated. There are 6245 NaBloPoMo members. I've never been the luckiest of people so I'm guessing my chances of being randomly picked for a prize of any kind are pretty slim.

Yet, hope springs eternal.


Merry ME


Anti Jen said...

I used the internets to translate your spam. I knew enough Spanish to know it wasn't exactly Spanish. It tried Italian and struck out, too. Apparently your admirer is Portuguese (translation below).

Oh, but before I go, check out this artsy spam link:

(I really want "No girls laugh at me now Ha Ha I laugh at them...")

So here you go, now you know...

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Johnnie said...

Just dont give them your credit card #! lol