Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day One, continued or ....

.... Halloween revisited.

Note: By adding another post on the same day, I realize I could be accused of being an over achiever, as if that is a bad thing! But, why stop with one when two will do so much better, I ask? I admit I think this way a lot. It's also possible, that what I can't do in my financial life, I try to make up for in other areas, i.e. savings accounts. By my way of thinking if I post twice on one day, then fall deathly ill and find I cannot lift my fingers from my sick bed to post anything, even my swan song, and I have "one post in the bank" so to speak, I'll be covered. It only allows me one day to recover from the dread illness but I'm of hearty stock so I think this will be enough.

The real reason, however, that I feel the need to make another blog entry today is this - I have some more to say about Halloween. Take a look at these pictures. While the allure of getting dressed up and begging for sugar-filled treats escapes me, obviously it brings great delight to some. And by my way of thinking, if participating in something brings a smile to your face, and your smiley face brings a smile to someone else's face, and so on, then cleary, that something, i.e. Halloween, has the potential for stamping out poopooheadedness across the country. (Unless, of course, you are a serial killer, in which case your delight is not something that needs to be spread around.) And if a little bit of candy and a toothbrush that lights up spreads a little joy amongst our soldiers in the middle east, then my smile-upon-smile theory could possibly bring about world peace.

The second reason I wanted to re-address the topic of Halloween is in a round-about way, a churchy one. If you are the least bit familiar with Halloween history, you'll know that All Hallow's Eve was the Druid precursor to the Catholic All Saint's Day. A day when people stop to remember all the "saints" who have gone on before them. Naturally I've applied the Merry ME factor to include other lesser known saints than the likes of Christopher and Patrick.

For me, All Saints Day is as good a day as any to stop and remember, then savor that memory all the people (and furry friends) who are no longer with me, but who have had an impact on my life. I've been relatively lucky, although I have been blessed by many people, my list of saints to be remembered is not that long. In other words, a lot of the saints in my life are still with me. How cools is that? However, in my knowing place, I am certain that although some are no longer with me every day they are "somewhere in that brilliant blue sky watching over me still."*
And so
(in no certain order):

Patty who gave me life
Zubin who showed me courage
Pam who never failed to get me into (an out of) a jam
Caht who was loyal to the end
Rose who knew how to cuddle
Berlie who introduced me to quilts
Mick who could drive on ice like nobody else
BLG who befriended me when I was lonely
Joe LaMonica whose name means "family"
Pebbles who gave back twice the love she received
Louise who listened to music with her whole body
Cody who perfected the art of a "cat nap"
Ernie whose song was his prayer
Zip who many colored feathers brought a smile to my face
Gertrude and Clarence who gave me roots
Ethel and George for the gift of their son
John Denver whose music made my life easier

In honor of your memory, I raise my prayer of gratitude and love. Merry ME

*How Far to Heaven, words by Chara M. Curtis, Illumination Arts Publishing Company, Inc., 1993


Anti Jen said...

Man, great idea, the toast to the ones who have passed on. I wish I'd read your blog before rushing through my own first post. Maybe I would've borrowed a bit from your concept. Keep it coming...

Anonymous said...

Well that was certainly a late night treat!