Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Project Runway

I have just discovered that a great way to chase away the blahs is to turn on Project Runway. I hate the canned statements that Tim Gunn ["make it happen"] or Heidi Klum ["with fashion one day you're in and one day you're out"] make show after show, but really how can you watch and not get caught up in the lives and intrigue and designs of these rather strange people. Creative, yes. Talented, yes. Brave, yes. All that but still a little strange.

I thought I'd given up on reality TV. I broke my addiction to Survivor several season's back by going cold turkey. I just said no. If you don't watch the opening show, you don't get hooked. However, I have to admit that I cannot say no to Dancing with the Stars. I haven't voted yet, but I think my devotion to the show would probably be considered over the top by most.

After reading antijen's recent blog about this season's Amazing Race, I totally rethought my decision not to watch. The if-you've-seen-it-once-you've-seen-it-all adage just doesn't hold true when you have teams of people who are so different traveling to some of the world's most out of the way places, milking camels, running through airports and sleeping in train stations. I never even heard of the place where they competed this week, the village of Bingo in Burkina Faso, so I think it is possible to say the show is educational.

But back to Project Runway. Sarah Jessica Parker showed up on tonight's show, asking the contestants to design a two piece outfit for the "everyday" woman. I consider myself an everyday woman, even though I don't wear bling; I don't wear high heeled shoes sans panythose, and I am rarely out of baggy, big girl blue jeans. However, I wouldn't have even considered wearing any of the designs from tonight's show. No matter, it's always fun to see what the designers come up with. I loved it when SJP walked into the design room and Chris was so excted he started crying. Something about him reminds me of Nathan Lane. Not sure what, but it makes me smile. Even though Elisa readily admits she comes from another plantet, she and Sweet P came up with a likable dress, albeit way to short for my taste.

I think Tim Gunn is a big butthead when he comes into the room where everyone is congratulating and commiserating and rushes the loser out. Like the party can't get started til the poor guy gets his pins and needles out of the work room. Even when I don't particulalry care for one of the people, I hate it when someone has to go home. I guess that's the reason it's called a game - someone is in and someone is out. Oh well, I'm going to bed in a better mood than when I got up. Thanks Bravo.

Auf Wiedersehen,
Merry ME

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