Monday, November 26, 2007

Just wondering ...

Why is it that ....

  • When people get on an elevator they look up at the floor marker rather than the people? I doubt if anyone in a crowded elevator could pick out a person in a police lineup even if they were standing right next to the guy (or gal as the case may be)?

  • When I pick a line in the grocery store that looks like it's moving smoothly, it always comes to a complete standstill?

  • My car still smells like sour milk after four months of airing out?

  • Some old people enjoy being old and others don't?

  • You wait for a while at a doctor's office doing nothing. But as soon as you pick up a magazine and start to read an interesting article your name is called?

  • That Santa wears a red suit instead of something more readily visible like neon yellow?

  • When I get a canned operator on the telephone I have one of two reactions. Either I talk to the person I know is not a real person who is prompting me to say, "yes" or "I didn't get that, please try again" with my inside voice like she is a long lost friend. Or I scream at her like she is a complete bimbo for not getting my information correct.

  • [And since I'm on the subject] the computer person can repeat back your information?

  • Two big fat mean women thought it was okay to torture and starve a seven year old boy. Where do grownups get off thinking they can beat up little kids?

  • Somedays I have trouble remembering why I walked from one end of the house to the other but when my kids have another birthday I remember everything that happend on the day they were born ... over thirty years ago.

Got answers?

Merry ME

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