Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good News/Not so good day

I was relieved to tune into Anti-Jen's Monday post to find she had not been abducted by aliens. Seems she spent the day at Sea World, which for a sea mammal rescuer could be either a fun experience or sad one. As it turns out in this case, Jenni was fine with the captive sea lions and whales. I guess if you've got to be kept in a big swimming pool, the ones at Sea World are of the 4 star variety. None of those nasty problems Jenni is always rescuing wild seals from.

So, now that I know things are okay in S. California I have to decide what to write about. My choices are limited but I've narrowed it down to two. I could tell you about how I was attempting to put on some panty hose to wear to church on Sunday morning and got stuck lying on my back looking, I suspect, like a dead bug - legs stuck in the air, unable to move my body. I had to call for help. At some point I may be able to do this story justice, but right now I'm feeling kind of embarrassed.

My second choice of post material is neither funny or pretty. It is, however, what's on my mind.

Do anyone remember the children's game - The Farmer in the Dell? A sing-song kind of game where one person picks another person who picks another person. Each pick is followed by a rousing chorus of "hi ho the dairy oh, the farmer in the dell."

In the game the farmer picks a wife, the wife picks a child, the child picks a dog etc. etc, etc.
You get the picture.

Well my evening last night was along those lines but in a less cheery way. One thing led to another and the hi ho chorus was more like a 45 record on a s-l-o-w speed so that it sounded kind of creepy. I should have seen it coming, there were signs that I chose to ignore, as in sleep through. But sometimes melt downs, like poop, just happens.

First of all Jean got mad a Jack; then Jack got mad back; then I got mad a Jean; and she got mad back; H-I-H-O-T-H-E-D-A-I-R-Y-O.
Then we went to dinner, but didn't make it around the block;then I spoke to Jean;the I started to cry;Black Beauty started pacing;Dad started worrying. H-I-H-O-T-H-E-D-A-I-R-Y-O.
Jack held me, I cried some more. I fell down between the toilet and the shower and cried some more. H-I-H-O-T-H-E-D-A-I-R-Y-O.
Jack put me to bed. I cried some more. Jean hugged me. Dad hugged me. Beauty paced, the cats investigated. I went to sleep. H-I-H-O-T-H-E-D-A-I-R-Y-O.

The good news is this - if I didn't already know it - next time I play Farmer in the Dell for real I'll pick Jack as my farmer. Even when it seems like your whole world is falling apart, having a sweetie like Jack is reason enough to sing H-I-H-O-T-H-E-D-A-I-R-Y-O!

Merry ME


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what the fight was about...

Sounds like it was a stressful evening, but ultimately somewhat constructive. That's good, isn't it?!


Anonymous said...

"Listen to your life." It's showing you everything you need to know about who you can become. R.B. The Messiah's Handbook.