Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Egads! Only 3 days to go!

"Think what a better world it would be if we all,
the whole world,
had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon
and then lay down on our blankets for a nap."
Robert Fulghum

I haven't been out of my pajamas in two days except to get dressed to take some gifts to be mailed, naturally at the last minute! My list of things to get done before Friday seems to grow in direct proportion to the lessening of time to do it all in. Is this a law of physics or something more sinister and grinch-like? Or just a very unorganized Merry Me?

I actually felt like I accomplished a few things yesterday. But today I shudder to think what I still need to do. Like planning Christmas dinner! Or better yet deciding on a day to have it that works well into everyone's schedule. After buying the $50.00 piece of meat my father requested on Saturday my dinner plans came to a screeching halt!

Today, in between chores, I'm wondering what to do about Christmas cards. Or more accurately, since I've decided to send New Year cards, what to do about the year end letter that people write and stick in their cards.

Christmas card senders come in a variety of types don't you think?
First there is the person who picks out a beautifully glittered winter/Christmas card, with a dignified message inside and the name of the sender machine engraved in red script letters. No note. Nothing. It's a nice reminder of people you don't know well or haven't seen in awhile.

Then there are the cards that come with short notes, pictures, and smiley faces. The kind that warm your heart and remind you of people you haven't seen in a while.

There are cards that come with all the above plus a letter typed on Christmas paper that fills you in on a year of happenings in the sender's life - kind of like a year end Cliff Notes.

Over the years I've done all of the above as well as declared it a card-free season. My excuse might have been that I was trying to be environmentally conscientious, or the postage was too high. The truth was most likely something along the lines of running out of time and energy.

My plan is to sit down in the week between Christmas and New Years and leisurely address cards to send to people who I want to remember, and those I would like to have remember me. My debate with myself is whether or not to write a universal letter or short individual notes. I believe the notes to be more personal, but the "writer" in me hates to give up the wonderful opportunity to put words down on paper. However since a lot of the people included on my card list also read my blog, isn't a year-end letter rather redundant. And just a little more narcissistic than I care to admit being?

Then there's the desire to make a "Things That Moved Me This Year" list - a la Weneki. The making of this list is a great exercise in remembering and gratitude, plus since I like getting one from someone else, I assume others would like getting mine.

Decisions. Decisions.

For now, I really must go take a shower and move on to the next thing on my To Do List. It has to do with food and the rumbling in my tummy!

Today I wish for you reminders from people far and near who have touched your life. May the glittery cards and family photos make you smile.
Merry ME


terri said...

i get those write ups from a lotta friends about their years. they're always nice...BUT the one i won't miss reading and actually look forward to is the one from a friend who writes beautifully! she tells us about her year in a whole different way. just not as straightforward as
'we did this. and then this.'
she tells a story.
i love these.
and we ALL read them and remark on how cool she is.
i vote you include one of those!

Fire Byrd said...

I think I just want to remind you..... Breathe!!
What gets done gets done, what doesn't,doesn't.
And anyway it all come round again next year!
Have a really Happy Christmas.